The village of Deshaies is a relaxed, traditional fishing village nestled between the sea and the mountains. Thetowns beautiful bay offers amazing views over the Caribbean Sea.

It is the perfect place for relaxing and recharging your batteries. Whileappreciating the many pleasures offered by the warm sea,golden beaches, the lush green forests and beautiful botanical gardens.

Our local region “Côte Sous le Vent” (Leeward Coast) is well known for its wild nature and its’ rich historical significance, and subject to drying winds.

So, is our sea coast area warm and dry.


If walking is your pleasure then take a walk up the many surrounding hills to admire the rich, varied vegetation kept lush and green by thetropical rains.

Since 2011 the village of Deshaies is the place where the BBC program “Death in Paradise” is filmed; the “Island of Sainte Marie” is actually Deshaies in Guadeloupe.
You can stroll through the village streets and surrounding areas to discover the actual places where all the main scenes are filmed. Maybe if you are very lucky you could see live filming at a shoot or meet one of the actors from the program.

Our village features in many Guidebooks mentioning the traditionalsimple and charming wooden fisherman’s huts. Far away from the main roads, Deshaies was frequentlyinvaded bythe English and when it was notthe English it was thePirates who came in to find food and make jolly.

The current main road (only built in 1957) drives you to the south of the island, along the way you will discover amazing views of the beautifulsea coast.

What about the beaches? Deshaies’s beaches are among the finest on Guadeloupe, life here is sweet, what else can you dream of?

Deshaies Beaches

  • Fort Royal, also named Bas vent beach, made of two coves, « Petit bas Vent » and “Grand bas Vent”.
  • La Perlebeach with its small coral reef.
  • Rifflet beach follows on fromLa Perle Beach has been recently enhanced for protecting the egg-laying site of the turtles.
  • Grande Ansebeach with its 1.5 km of golden sand, lined with sea grape and coconut trees, with various restaurants and exciting food trucks.
  • Lerouxbeach in Ferry,offers a flatwater surface, making it ideal for kids and snorkelers who can take advantage of the rich rocky seabed.

Key Tourist sites in Deshaies

  • Gade tPoint of view, amazing view on the Grande Anse beach and Caribbean Sea.
  • Ziotte pond is located next to the Grande Anse beach and offers an abundant fauna and flora typical of the mangroves.
  • Mazeau Morne is located at a height of 615 metres. Overhanging the « Sous le Vent » coast and the Caribbean Sea, this hill offers great points of view. “Carbets » and picnic areas are set up, and it’s a departure area for many walks in the forest.
  • « L’ilet Kahouanne », and « l’îlet tête à l’anglais » are two islets located off the coast of Deshaies. The kahouanne one is accessible by boat and is only inhabited by wild goats.

What to do in Deshaies?

  • Botanical Garden, this 7 hectare park offers a wide range of remarkable plants and trees.The park was the property of Coluche, the famous French actor. Ginger, bougainvillea, hibiscus, orchids and many other beautiful flowers and birds will amaze you on your journey.
  • Relaxing on the « Fort Royal » and enjoying the restaurant and bar.
  • Scubadiving and snorkeling.
  • Many walks in the mountains overhanging Deshaies.
  • Horseback riding in the forests and on the beach,followed by a relaxing bathein the sea (both you and your horse).
  • Boat tours.
  • Escapes on the sea with kayaks, paddles, catamarans or jet skis.
  • Enjoying various bars and restaurants in the village ofDeshaies.
  • Fishing along the sea or into the open sea.
  • Enjoying local fish and lobsters.

What to do around Deshaies (just a small selection)?

  • « Le grand Cul de Sac Marin »in Sainte Rose (20 min*), designed World Biosphere Reserve in 1993 bythe UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, you can discover the Mangrove, the transparent water along the coral reef, swimming above a shipwreck with hundreds of fish, or picnicking on the Caret islet (small island) between white sand and turquoise water.
  • The Cousteau Reserve (30 min*), the two islets are in the middle of the huge natural Reserve that you can easily discover by scuba diving, snorkeling, glass bottom boat, kayaking… Many fishes and turtles can be discovered along the black sand beach.
  • In the Bouillantetown(45 min*), famous for its water sports, where you can swim in the sea and feel the warm currents from the natural hot springs, coming down the mountains.
  • The AcomatJump in Pointe Noire (20 min*), Is a 9 metre jump into a natural basin full of emerald water falling from the mountains.
  • The Tapeur(30 min*), is an excellent way to groups to have fun. You move within the 5 adventure-based rope trails in the middle of the tropical forest offering amazing views on the Caribbean sea.
  • The ZOO (30 min*), in the middle of a 4 hectare tropical forest, let’s you discover around 85 species of animals from the Caribbean and Guyana. Split between mammals, birds, reptiles, and arthropods, so more than 450 individuals.
  • “La traversée » Road, this road enables to reach the « Grande Terre » part of the Island by driving through the mountains, which are the cradle of the National Park of Guadeloupe. It’s the departure point of various walks for discovering the lush forest and the many water falls which help to irrigate our beautiful island.

*Approximative driving time from the Coco Cannelle® villas.


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